10″ Industrial Blast Pot


10″ Industrial Blast Pot, Design approved by Zurich and C.E. marked.


25kg abrasive capacity.


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Design approved by Zurich and C.E. marked.


The smallest pot in the range though shouldn’t be confused with a DIY or cheap import.


It is built here in the UK to the same standards and tolerences as a larger pot. Typically used for small jobs i.e. blasting maintenance, glass etching, stone masonry, small areas and ideal for use in conjunction with a blast cabinet.


Easily transportable, should fit into an average sized car.


25kg abrasive capacity.


10-15 minutes blast time.


711mm high.

260mm diameter.

56kg weight (before packaging).

Tested to 15 bar.

8 bar operating pressure.


Identical working pressure to a full size machine.


Fitted with a grit valve.

Remote control valve and silencer.

Moisture seperator.


Supplied with test certificate and manual.


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Weight 500 kg


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