Clemco Apollo 600ce Airfed Blast Helmet


Clemco Apollo 600ce Airfed Blast Helmet, offers the user unrivalled protection and comfort during blast cleaning.

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Genuine Clemco apollo 600ce airfed blast helmet.






Regulator belt.


Visor pack.


Quick release connection.


Operators manual.


Disposable hood.


The Apollo 600 offers the user unrivaled protection and comfort during blast cleaning.

This helmet improves on the already successful Apollo 60ce design by adding an improved breathing air supply connection, visual indicator for low air flow and more user friendly head strap adjustment mechanism.


The heavy duty latch system and peaked rim ensure that the lenses are held firmly in place for protection.


The cape is securely attached to the helmet using a ratchet and clamp mechanism allowing the cape to be removed, laundered and re-fitted.


All new helmets are required by law to be C.E. marked as complex items under BS EN 14594 which the Apollo 600ce is.


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