Clemco Breathe Air Filter Unit


Clemco Breathe Air Filter Unit.

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Genuine Clemco breathe air filter unit (Part no. CPF20).


Pressure regulator.

Drain valve.

Quick release connection.

Plastic stand (can also be used to mount B.A. unit on a Hodge Clemco contractor blast pot).

Slotted Clemco filter cartridge.

Designed to reduce pollutants in respirator air supplied to air fed helmets. The filter will remove mists, including oil mist, water vapour and particle down to 0.5 micron from a suitable compressed air supply that is free from carbon monoxide in accordance with BS: 4275:1997.

PLEASE NOTE: The cartridge WILL NOT remove carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other toxic gases. We recommend cartridges are changed every 3 months (as a minimum) or more frequent if oily odours or particles are present in the helmet.

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