Hodge Clemco 1440 Contractor Blast Pot Package


Hodge Clemco 1440 Contractor Blast Pot Package


75kg abrasive capacity.

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Supplied with factory fitted pressure regulator.


The 1440 blast machine is one of our most popular models. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 75kg, with overall dimensions of 1070mm high x 670mm x 800mm.


This machine offers three times the capacity of the 1028 machine, allowing it to be used on medium sized projects. The design of this unit allows the machine to be moved through standard doorways and is a very popular choice on stone renovation projects and boat yards.


Accessories include:


Apollo 60 helmet (includes heavy duty cape, regulator, belt, 3 part visor system and audible air deficiency alarm).


breathe air unit.


10mtrs breathe air helmetline.


1mtr airline (remote control valve to breathe air unit).


tungsten carbide blast nozzle (UK manufactured, rated @ 500+ hours, except for use with aluminium oxide).


10mtrs red control line.


10mtrs yellow control line.


10mtrs of blast hose complete with nozzle holder and hose coupling.


Deadmans handle


1 pair of leather gauntlets.


Everything needed to start blasting (except air compressor, compressor hose & blasting media / abrasive).


Please note: the breathe air unit is designed to remove mists including water vapour and oil. It will not remove carbon dioxide (co2), carbon monoxide (co), or other vapours, filter needs changing at regular intervals to maintain air quality.


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Weight 500 kg


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